Aarya Samaj Marriage Registration process & Application form

In Aarya samaj the way of marriages are very simple and fast when compared to traditional marriages and people from different types of Hindus can perform wedding in Aarya samaj. In this vedic hymes and principles of Telugu culture is explained to bride and bride grooms and it is legally recognized under marriage act 1937 provided under Hindu marriage act 1955.

Marriage registrations:-

Under section 8 of the ACT, couple has to register their marriage schedule in marriage registration office.

If they are same religion, then it come under Hindu marriage act 1955.

If they are different religion they come under Special marriage act 1954.

Eligibility criteria for Aarya samaj marriage:-

Age of bride should be 21 years and bride groom should be 18 years

Religions those come under hindu, Buddhist, sikh and jain can perform their marriage in Aarya samaj

Not only these, now a days can any person perform wedding in Aarya samaj. If both are from different caste one should convert in to Hindu religion known as shuddhi.

Procedure for Aarya samaj registration:-

Appointment should be taken in magistrate office before foresight. And fill application form and they should submit all the documents.

Two pass port sizes along with two witnesses should be present at time of wedding and attestation of wedding officer is necessary.

Required documents:-

Bride and bride grooms colored photo graphs consists of 4 copies.

DOB proof of both parties and two witness persons

In case of widow she should submit death certificate of previous husband

If he is a foreigner he should submit NOC form from concerned embassy

Benefits and its fee:-

Less time

Less money when compared to traditional marriages.

Two persons are enough

Fee should be 5000 or 10000 based on the place where they are going to married.


If both are Hindus then it should be valid otherwise one can takes marriage certificate under sub register office as per international law.

Court registration is better:-

It should be valid when he takes marriage certificate under sub register office as per international law and translate this certificate in to other languages as they needed.

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