Telangana Maa Bhoomi Land Records Search Online

With the help of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) the government of Telangana had introduced the online land and revenue records in the month of Feb 2016 and can be accessed at the

Maa bhoomi website:

It was mainly for the welfare of the Telangana citizens to access the details online. One should provide the following details


Village phani


Grama RoR1-B


Register complaints

Status of the complaints


RTC is avery important as it contains the details of the owners area, kahta number, soil type, nature of the possession of land,liabilities,tenancy and crops grown

Details of pahani/Adangal:-

Name of the owner

How it is acquired to him


Survey and Hissa number

Cultivation resources

Classification of soil

Public rights

Classification of land

Checking the Pahani on Maa bhoomi in Telangana State:

Click on the official portal and click on pahani on the top of menu bar

One can select by using the khata number, survey number aadhar number

Select the options and fill it with your corresponding details and select your district, village and where your land is located and then enter survey number of the land and click on the submit option

 Checking the 1B adangal:

Repeat the same steps as above and select Our RoR-1Bunder 1B adangal.

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