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The property tax in Coimbatore is simple to pay.The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) is responsible for collecting Property taxes from the Residentials of Coimbatore. These taxes are collected on the basis of zone, area, ward etc. These taxes are used to built, repair and maintain the public properties such as parks, educational institutions and hospitals in coimbatore.

Residentials and the owners of the Ones property in the coimbatore must pay the tax in time. Oerwise If one should delayed or forgot to pay on time 2% penalty will be added to the tax.

Paying Property Tax In Coimbatore Online

  • You first visit the official website of CCMC@
  • Therefore select the option property tax pay from menu.
  • the page redirect to the fill out form. Fill the form to pay the property tax in coimbatore.
  • after filling your details. Page redirect to the payment page, there you can pay the bill. select the mode of payment via credit or debit or net banking.
  • Next download your Reciept from the given options in the page or make the screen shot.

Reqruitments To Pay Coimbatore Property Tax

  • Ownership relative documents.
  • application as a prescribing form and building license
  • Copy of previously paid taxes.
  • Property door Number, Ward number, zone and Mandel.
  • Death Certificate incase of owners death.

How to Calculate the Coimbatore Property Tax

calculating Property tax in Coimbatore as follow :-

Coimbatore Property tax = built up area × age factor × base value ×type of building × category of use ×floor factor

  • Approved property plinth area.
  • Property type .
  • Property location.
  • Age of the property.

CCMC Propert tax pay

Coimbatore City Municipal Carporation Has it’s own branches to pay this tax all over the coimbatore. For example you can pay this tax in karur vaisya bank, icici bank, state banks etc. You can pay this property tax at any time.

Please check all your documents before paying this tax.

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