Maha Bhulekh Satbara Utara 7/12 Maharashtra Land Records

Maharashtra land record Mahabhulekh was derived from two word called maha and bhulekh. Maha means slung for Maharashtra and Bhulekh means Hindi/Marathi word for Land record. It was developed and implemented by Maharashtra government for better services of citizen and it contain all land records of Maharashtra citizens. So all citizens can go through it … Read more

Apna Khata Bhulekh Rajasthan land records 2024 :Jamabandi

Rajasthan had issued and developed online land records in name of Apna khata which is also known as Jamabandi Nakal which was developed and maintained by Rajasthan Jaipur. All citizens who are eligible for this can go through official portal across state. Land recorders can be viewed or selected by choosing tehsil, account number in … Read more

Bihar Bhu Naksha Download 2024: Land Record Search

Under central government’s National Land Record Modernization Program (NRLMP) Bihar government in India is also digitalizing its state own land records. Even though process of digitalization is comparatively very this article you going to get more information according to the Bihar Bhu Naksha 13 out of 38 districts are recorded and digitalized under Bihar … Read more