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Telangana GPA Search, Online application status & Certified copies application status. Find General Power of Attorney Registration search, Registration documents online application process. Search Documents online IGRS.

IGRS Telangana Government, Registration & Stamps Department has started a new portal for public services. In this portal one can register his property, bench mark value can be checked. in this article you will get brief information about Registeration of land property etc. Official website @ has providing  different type of services like Slot booking for citizens, Encumbrance Certificate apply etc.

Steps to get Telangana GPA (General power Of Attorney) Registration Status:

  • After getting the web page  click on GPA Search button which is available in the right side menu.
  • After click on this button you will get information about GPA search procedure:
  • Here which ever shown with * symbol is mandatory to search GPA online.
  • Here whatever you enter the information is spell checked means spell sensitive.
  • Words length is minimum of 3 and maximum of 25 characters (alpha or numeric).
  • Again click on submit button without doing anything
  • Enter the surname along with middle name is mandatory.
  • Don’t enter middle name without surname it will show error.
  • Select the district and Sro.
  • Then enter the person name who is looking for GPA.
  • Enter the shown captcha which is case sensitive.
  • If you are not able to enter the captcha click on refresh captcha.
  • You will get new captcha then enter it.
  • After entering the all required information in all the fields click on submit button.

Find the below image for reference:

Telangana GPA search required information

  • After click on submit button it will show you the GPA details

Now you will be able to view and download the Telangana GPA details and download the form.

In this way you find and download the Telangana GPA.

Telangana GPA Property Registration Value Charges Check Online:

How to get information about Registration charges?

  • Goto Telangana Registration & Stamps Department link provided in above paragraph.
  • Click on Registration charges calculator Check AP Encumbrance Certificate EC online search process.
  • You will get below image or form need to be filled .

Registration value calculator

  • Follow the below steps to fill the form correctly without any mistakes:
  • Nature of the document section select major code type.
  • There are several types of major codes are available .
  • Those are :Types of major codes
  • After selecting major code then click on minor code type.
  • These also different types according to major code you can select appropriate one.
  • Enter the consideration value.
  • after that fill the required values in the market value section .
  • also duty values to be entered
  • Finally click on submit button for getting the Registration charges for the property.

Services Available In Telangana GPA

Given below is the list of the services available in the official website of Registration and stamps department of Telangana

Online Services
  • E-Stamps
  • Market Value Search
  • Certified Copy
  • Slot booking for citizen
  • Encumbrance search
  • Builder Registration Module
Browse Services
  • Property Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Stamp vendors / Notaries / Franking machines
  • Department users
  • Prohibited Property
  • Society registration
  • Information on Chit Fund
  • Dash Boards
    • Registration and stamps department
    • Integrated Stamp department
    • Firms & Societies Dash Boards
    • Meeseva Dash boards
Contact Us / feedback
  • You can Contact the officials through 1800 599 4788
  • Whats app contact 8247619983

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  1. Sir i would like to sale my land and want to authorize to another person to sale my land,
    can i have a authorization form for sale land.
    please send the form to my below mail.

  2. First of all I would like to thanks state government which provides sufficient information regarding land and registration details etc.really state government has done brilliant work in this regard.


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