Kanpur Nigam Nagar Property Tax Pay Online 2022

Property tax in Kanpur is collected by the Municipal corporation of Kanpur. Every resident of kanpur Nagar should pay this tax to Municipal Corporation of kanpur. Property tax has a unique 15 digits code for paying this tax. ARV is less when comparing previous year property tax in kanpur.

Kanpur is located in uttarpradesh state with Approximately 3 million people in the City. This tax is used to maintain and built the city as well as to built good drainage system , hospitals and Educational institutions. Tax rates are different for different residentials.

How To Pay Property Tax In kanpur

  • visit official website of kanpur municipal corporation@https://www.kmc.up.nic.in
Kanpur Official website Page look image.
  • Click on the Property Tax Information on the left side of the page.
  • Page will provide you so many links on page,select the option pay your property tax online.
  • After selecting the option page will redirected to another page. Here you should fill all the details given like adress, ward number.
  • Now, click the button submit and you will see the payment option and then click on continue.
  • Now you have paid your tax.

Required Documents To Pay This Property Tax.

  • All the details of the property owner.
  • Property plot number.
  • Adress of the property.
  • Built Year.
  • Rented or Own Property.
  • Total Dimensions of the Property.
  • Occupiers details.

Exemptions and penalties Of Kanpur Property Tax

  • Public properties such as Educational institutions, Parks, Charitable organizations etc. Are exempted from this property taxes .
  • For garages, colonies and Corridors are exempted from Kanpur municipal Corporation property tax.
  • The tax is dependent on the Dimensions(size) of the land.
  • If there are handicaped person who is a residential of Kanpur nagar he/she is rebate from this tax for some percentage from their tax.
  • The government constructions like as Mro, rdo, municipal offices, grama panchayat offices etc. are exempted.
  • 2% penalty will be added for the non tax payer who is not payable on time.
  • Some rebate (Discount ) is also available for the one who is capable

How To Calculate Property Tax In Kanpur City

To Calculate Kanpur Property Tax Following Introduction has to be followed.

Kanpur Property Tax=Built up Area*Age factor *base value*Category of Use*Floor Factor.

property tax is measured by self assessment

Tax in Kanpur is 10% and 15% It is Rs.


Self assessment Important Notification 2022

  • when a Property is going construct the property tax has to be pay after the building constructed. Befor this step a saral form has to submit
  • Generally Property tax will increase if a property has increase in rooms and bathrooms.
  • Sellf assessment is only applicable for only residents of the kanpur.

Specific Exemption For Calculating Tax

  • When normal Properties are changed into Charitable Trusts and Devotional Places as Temples, Mosques, Churches etc..,
  • A monument which has tax below 300 and the owner doesn’t have any other monument or land in the City.

Limiting Exemption Of Calculating Property Tax

  • 25% discount on 10 years old buildings.
  • 32.5 % discount on buildings between 10-20 years.
  • 40% discount for the buildings which are more then 20 years.
  • 25% discount the building which is 10 years old when the building is Tenant.
  • 12.5% discount for the building which is between 10-20 years old for tenant.
  • for more then 20 years buildings no additional tax will be added.

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