Krishi Sakhi Yojana 2024: Online Apply & Benefits,Get 90,000

The Krishi Sakhi Yojana is a program in India designed to help rural women by giving them training and certification to become Krishi Sakhis. These women act as assistant workers in agriculture. The program values their important role in farming communities. Over 56 days of training, Krishi Sakhis learn about farming practices, soil health, livestock management, and more.

Krishi Sakhi Yojana

Once they complete the training, they are certified to help with various agricultural tasks. More than 90,000 women across the country will be trained under this program. These trained Krishi Sakhis can assist farmers in their communities and can earn an annual income of ₹60,000 to ₹80,000. This initiative is part of a larger goal to create 3 crore Lakhpati Didis (wealthy sisters) through different programs, including the Krishi Sakhi Yojana. in this article you are going to know more about this scheme, therefore yoou can see the eligibility criteria.

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Objective of the Krishi Sakhi Yojana 2024

The Krishi Sakhi Scheme 2024 aims to help rural women in India by training and certifying them as Krishi Sakhis. These women will work as para-extension workers, giving agricultural advice and support to farmers.

The goal is to create three crore Lakhpati Didis (wealthy sisters) through this program. By improving their farming skills, the scheme provides new job opportunities for women, allowing them to earn ₹60,000 to ₹80,000 per year.

ObjectiveEmpower rural women as Krishi Sakhis (para-extension workers)
Program NameKrishi Sakhi Convergence Program (KSCP)
Launched ByMinistry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare and Ministry of Rural Development
AimTransform rural India through women’s empowerment
Training ModulesKrishi Sakhis trained on various topics, including agro ecological practices, soil health, livestock management, and more
Employment OptionsCertified Krishi Sakhis can undertake activities related to soil health, crop insurance and horticulture
CertificationPara-extension Workers certification after proficiency test
Resource FeesFixed fees for specific activities
States CoveredGujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, and Meghalaya

Benefits Of Krishi Sakhi Yojana 2024

  • The program aims to transform rural India by training and certifying rural women as Krishi Sakhis (agriculture para-extension workers).
  • These women leverage their deep-rooted connections and trust within farming communities.
  • Krishi Sakhis undergo a 56-day training program covering topics like agro-ecological practices, farmer field school organization, seed bank establishment, soil health management, and integrated farming systems.
  • Refresher training focuses on natural farming and soil health.
  • After successful completion of training and a proficiency test, Krishi Sakhis become certified para-extension workers.
  • They can undertake various activities under Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare schemes, earning a fixed resource fee.
  • The program has already certified 34,000 Krishi Sakhis out of a target of 70,000.
  • Rolled out in 12 states, it aims to create a network of trusted, knowledgeable agriculture extension workers, driving sustainable development in rural India.

Eligibility Ceiteria Of The Yojana

  • Only women from India aged above 18 years are eligible for the scheme.
  • Applicants should belong to a backward or BPL (Below Poverty Line) community.
  • Eligible candidates must own their own agricultural land.

Procedure To Apply For The Krishi Sakhi Yojana

  1. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, which typically include being a woman engaged in farming activities.
  2. Go to the official website of the Krishi Sakhi Yojana.
  3. Look for the “Apply Online” option on the homepage. Click on it to access the registration form.
  4. Complete the registration form with accurate information, including your name, Aadhar number, and other relevant details.
  5. After filling in all the necessary information, click the “Submit” button.
  6. Your application will undergo verification. Make sure all documents are valid and up-to-date.
  7. If your application is approved, you’ll receive training related to agricultural practices, crop management, and financial literacy.
  8. Based on your needs you may receive resources such as seeds, fertilizers, and tools.
  9. Apply the knowledge gained during training to improve your farming practices.
  10. The scheme provides ongoing support and monitoring to ensure successful implementation.

Required Documents

To apply for the Krishi Sakhi Yojana, you’ll need the following documents:

  1. Aadhaar Card: This is a mandatory document for registration.
  2. Landholding Papers: Ensure you have proper landholding or land papers.
  3. Citizenship Certificate: Proof of your Indian citizenship.
  4. Bank Account Details: Provide valid bank account information.
  5. Valid Mobile Number: Make sure you have an active mobile number.

What are the States involved in this sheme

The central government aims to make three crore women in the country lakhpatis through government schemes. One crore women have already achieved this goal. The remaining 2 crore women will be empowered and made independent through the Krishi Sakhi scheme. To increase women’s participation, the Agriculture and Rural Ministries will run this scheme together. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate. The first phase of the Krishi Sakhi scheme has started in 12 states:

  • Gujarat
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Odisha
  • Rajasthan
  • Meghalaya
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Jharkhand

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