Ghaziabad Property Tax Pay Online Receipt & Tax Calculation

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Ghaziabad Municipal corporation is collecting all the taxes from the property owners of the nagar. This tax is used to rebuilt, repair and maintain the public properties such as parks, hospitals and buildings of government. Property tax revenue is a major source of income to ghaziabad municipal corporation. Residentials or Holders of the property in the ghaziabad must pay this tax to the municipal corporation of ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad is divided into 5 zones Thery are 1.City Zone, 2.Kavi Nagar Zone, 3.Vijay Nagar Zone, 4.Mohan Nagar Zone and 5.Vasundhara Nagar Zone. In this zone the tax is collected by some features like locality, zone, construction type of the property, who is occupy the property, worship places etc. In the official website of the ghaziabad nagar palike there is calculater to calculate your property tax.

How To Pay Ghaziabad Property Tax Online

Follow the below steps to pay property tax of ghaziabad online and your are able to pay the tax accuracy by following through steps.

  • First Visit the official website of the ghaziabad municipal Corporation@https://
  • You will enter into the home page, Now click on the online pay tax.
Official website oof ghaziabad municipal Corporation
  • After choosing the option “online pay tax” You will redirected to other page.
  • Here fill the options by all your details.
  • Enter the captcha before clicking search button.
  • After it, Enter your Mobile number and click on proceed to pay option.
  • You will redirected to other page. Here You can select the mode of payment.
  • you can choose the bank option.
  • when you paid all the amount you will get a reciept.

Calculating Ghaziabad Property Tax

Follow the below instructions to calculate your property tax in ghaziabad.

  • Gross area unit value = T + S + c
  • K = J × 20%
  • I = G × H/100
  • J = G-I
  • T = Tenanted area of the property × Per sq ft. Rate of property × Ten months.
  • C =Vehicle Parking area × Area of vehicle parking area square feet × Ten months.
  • S = Self occupied area × Rate of property per square feet × ten months.
    • G = Gross Unit Value.
    • K = Property tax.
    • I = Reduction amount.
    • J = Net unit value.
    • Reduction rate percentage value.

Ghaziabad Property tax Offline Pay

Ghaziabad property tax can be paid through online and offline. In online mode You need to visit the official website of Ghaziabad municipal Corporation and click on the “Online tax pay” Foreward that details are available on your screen fill them and enter captcha and phone number press search button then you will get a reciept you can download or print out it.

while in offline you have to pay this tax in Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation Centres.

Ghaziabad Property tax Reciept

Although you paid your tax you need collect your property tax reciept, it is very useful for further future purpose. It contains information about the Tax Payer, Year assessment, location of payment, Tax dues and total tax to be payed.

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