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For all government employee there is a benefit of EPF (Employment Provident Fund) which is provided by provisions act 1952. It will give an assurance of 15000 with consent of Assistant Commissioner and employee. You are going to know more about PF Claim Status

Under these scheme an employee get deducted 12% from his salary to EPFO (employee provident fund organization). 12% of employee will get 8.33% as pension scheme.

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Procedure To Checking PF status online:

Now a days by help of digital platform one can see status online and if employee wants to gets status they must have following details

  • Company details
  • Extension details
  • UAN
  • Regional office

How To Check EPF Details Online / UAN Portal

  • After that select services section and enter details and captcha
  • And one can see details of PF status

Check PF Claim status with missed call:

  • Make sure your mobile number is registered with UAN and linked to your PF account.
  • Give a missed call to 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number
  • The call will be disconnected after two rings and there will be no call charges
  • You will receive an SMS with details of your last contribution and PF balance.

How To Claim Pf Status With SMS

  • Step 1: Check if your mobile number is registered with UAN and linked to your PF account.
  • Step 2: Send an SMS to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number.
  • Step 3: Write the SMS in this format: EPFOHO UAN LAN.
  • Step 4: Replace UAN with your 12-digit Universal Account Number.
  • Step 5: Replace LAN with the first three letters of your preferred language.
  • Step 6: Wait for the reply SMS from EPFO.
  • Step 7: Read the SMS to know your last contribution and PF balance.

What are the benefits of Pf

No employee should not wait for retirement age one should claim that in time of working under some of circumstances such as

  • Loans on houses
  • Purchasing new house
  • Educational loan
  • Medical loans
  • Marriage of children

Main condition to take money is that he should be a member of PF for minimum of 3 years.

Eligibility criteria for Providunt fund

  • EPF is mandatory for employees who earn a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000 or more. Employees who earn less can also join EPF voluntarily.
  • Both the employee and the employer contribute 12% of the employee’s salary to the EPF account every month. Out of this, 8.33% goes to the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) and the rest goes to the EPF account.
  • The employee can withdraw the EPF balance at retirement or in case of certain emergencies, such as medical expenses, home loan repayment, or education of children.
  • The EPF account earns interest at a rate fixed by the government every year. The interest is tax-free up to a certain limit.
  • The employer must register with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) if they have more than 20 employees in their organisation. Employers with less than 20 employees can also register voluntarily

How To Register Onto The Portal

  • Visit the EPFO member portal and click on ‘Online Services‘.
  • Choose ‘For Employees‘ and select ‘Member UAN/Online Services’.
  • You will be directed to the UAN member e-Sewa portal. Register by clicking ‘Activate UAN’.
  • You need to provide personal details for registration such as your UAN/member ID along with your Aadhaar number, DOB, name, mobile number and captcha code.
  • Once you enter the required details and submit, an authorization PIN will be sent to the registered mobile number. Enter the PIN to validate your details.
  • You can then create your username and password for logging in to the portal

Conditions for availing benefits:

One should possess unique 12digit id and it is same for all ir employment time which is used for withdrawal of money

Case study 1:

In a private college a lecturer named Mr. Ravi Kumar has given a demo in savings of PF and they are as follows

  • Basic month salary = 40000/
  • Annual increase = 10%
  • Contribution to PF= 12%
  • Employers contribution = 3.67%
  • Interest rate = 8.65%
  • He gets then 4,59,33,328

Case study 2:

A job of a nurse started his career in Bhopal after her marriage then saving is given by this

  • Basic month salary=40000/
  • Annual increase =10%
  • Contribution to PF=12%
  • Employers contribution=3.67%
  • Interest rate=8.65%
  • He gets then = 1,62,42,056
  • PF is one of best funds:

It provides a secure life after retirement age. At starting he can cut minimum amount of salary and at retirement time he can get good amount of money credited in salary


Main aim is in this both employee and organization should contribute money every month and it is credited to after retirement of employee with interest provided by bank. It is a good financial support and secure policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to check PF claim status online?

A: Use UMANG app or EPFO portal with UAN and password.

Q: What is the prerequisite for checking PF claim status?

A: You must provide your PF account number and PF office state.

Q: How long does it take to process PF claim?

A: It may take 15 to 30 days depending on the type of claim.

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