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Professional Tax is a particular tax in India and collected by respective state governments. Most of states in India collect these taxes through various methods. So in this article we know that how it is collected in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana.

Professional tax is a tax which is workers pay to the state government in India. It is like an income tax but collected by the state. Each state has different rules and amounts fixed by the government for this tax. People who earn money from a job or profession must pay this tax. The amount is not very high and depends on how much they earn. For example, in some states, people who earn more have to pay more tax.

The government uses this money for public services. People can pay this tax online using the state’s website. It is important to pay this tax on time to avoid any problems. Remember, the last date to file professional tax online for the financial year 2023-24 is extended to May 15, 2024. In this article I will explain how you can pay this tax step by step and what are the important updates you should know about the professional tax.

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What is Professional Tax?

It is collected from persons who pays tax in which they receive in trade. Clause 2 of Constitution article 276 come under professional tax. It is a significant resource to government.

Points to be remember:-

  • Amount of tax payable is maximum of 2500 per year
  • Every employee should pay this tax even whether he is government or private
  • Amount is debited from credit/debit card and pay to municipal corporation
  • Tax payers can get deductions for such payments.

Professional tax in Telangana:-

Telangana professional tax is based on Employment act 1987 rates are as follows

  • No tax under income of 15000
  • 150/- per month when salary is 15001 to 20000
  • 200/- per month when it is above 20000

Professional tax in Karnataka:-

  • No tax under income of 15000
  • 200/- per month when it is above 15000

procedure for paying Professional Tax online in Karnataka

Following are the steps for you to apply for the scheme online

  1. Start by visiting the Karnataka Commercial Tax Department’s official e-Payment portal. This is where all tax-related electronic payments are processed.
  2. Once on the portal, you’ll find an option for ‘e-Payment’. This is for making electronic payments for various taxes, including Professional Tax.
  3. After selecting e-Payment, you’ll need to specify the type of tax you’re paying. Look for the option labeled ‘KPT (Karnataka Professional Tax)’ and select it.
  4. You will be prompted to enter specific details such as your CTD Reference Number, TIN, or RC Number. These are unique identifiers that link the payment to your tax records.
  5. Input the date on which you’re making the payment and the exact amount of Professional Tax that you need to pay.
  6. After successfully making the payment, you should confirm the transaction details. Then, you can print out the e-Challan, which serves as a receipt and proof of your payment.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, the helpdesk email and toll-free number provided by the Commercial Tax Department can be used during business hours for support.

Due and penalty:-

tax should be paid in time after that there will be a penalty for that of interest 1.25%  and due is different for different persons governed by authority. Self employs should pay their tax online and pay by PT.

Eligibility :-

  • Companies and corporations.
  • Corporate bodies
  • Hindu family
  • Individual salary
  • Daily wage earners

Professional who are self employed


Following type of persons should not pay any tax as per exemptions

  • Nursing homes.
  • Ex-service homes
  • Armed forces and CPMF
  • Technicians of foreign

Professional tax in Maharashtra:-

  • No tax under income of 7500
  • 175/- per month when salary is 7501 to 10000
  • 200/- per month when it is above 10000

Payment of prolfessional tax:-

Go to official portal

To clear PT dues it is clear to have TIN, TAN, and PAN and after  filling these details you enter captcha and submit and select correct PTRC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q .What are the Professional Tax rates and slabs in Tamil Nadu?

A .The Professional Tax rates and slabs in Tamil Nadu are as follows:

Half-Yearly IncomeTax Amount
Up to Rs. 21,000Nil
Rs. 21,001 to Rs. 30,000Rs. 135
Rs. 30,001 to Rs. 45,000Rs. 315
Rs. 45,001 to Rs. 60,000Rs. 690
Rs. 60,001 to Rs. 75,000Rs. 1,025
Above Rs. 75,000Rs. 1,250

Q .How to file Professional Tax returns online in Madhya Pradesh?

A .To file Professional Tax returns online in Madhya Pradesh, you can visit the MP Commercial Tax Department’s official website and click on ‘e-Return’. You need to register as an employer or enrol as a person on the website and login with your credentials. You can then fill up the relevant forms and upload the necessary documents.

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