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Professional tax is a particular tax in India and collected by respective state governments. Most of states in India collect these taxes through various methods. So in this article we know that how it is collected in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana.

What is Professional Tax?

It is collected from persons who pays tax in which they receive in trade. Clause 2 of Constitution article 276 come under professional tax. It is a significant resource to government.

Points to be remember:-

  • Amount of tax payable is maximum of 2500 per year
  • Every employee should pay this tax even whether he is government or private
  • Amount is debited from credit/debit card and pay to municipal corporation
  • Tax payers can get deductions for such payments.

Professional tax in Telangana:-

Telangana professional tax is based on Employment act 1987 rates are as follows

No tax under income of 15000

150/- per month when salary is 15001 to 20000

200/- per month when it is above 20000

Professional tax in Karnataka:-

No tax under income of 15000

200/- per month when it is above 15000

Due and penalty:-

tax should be paid in time after that there will be a penalty for that of interest 1.25%  and due is different for different persons governed by authority. Self employs should pay their tax online and pay by PT.

Eligibility for professional tax payment:-

Companies and corporations.

Corporate bodies

Hindu family

Individual salary

Daily wage earners

Professional who are self employed


Following type of persons should not pay any tax as per exemptions

Nursing homes.

Ex-service homes

Armed forces and CPMF

Technicians of foreign

Professional tax in Maharashtra:-

No tax under income of 7500

175/- per month when salary is 7501 to 10000

200/- per month when it is above 10000

Payment of professional tax:-

Go to official portal

To clear PT dues it is clear to have TIN, TAN, and PAN and after  filling these details you enter captcha and submit and select correct PTRC

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