BBMP Property Tax – Bangalore Muncipal Corporation Tax Online Payment

This property tax is for whose property is In Bangalore . They must have to pay for the Bruhat Banglore Mahanagara Palike (Bangalore City Municipal Corporation). This type of payment is simple and easily payable on online.

These charges are Controlled by the state government of Karnataka. You have pay your tax to BBMP otherwise You are also able to pay to local Authorities. This taxes are going to spend on Public activities Every year.

Paying Property Tax to BBMP ?

This property tax has to be pay once in a year and every year. If a party Has a vacant Land? They should also have to pay this BBMP tax. You must Observe that this property tax is paid Under 30th April. 2022

Due date and Rebate Pay to Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.

If you pay your property tax before the given date. you are eligible for the Rebate about 5% from the payed money.If you have difficulty in paying The tax, You can Pay this tax In two installments. Note that if you are late In paying this bill, you need to pay extra 2% to the BBMP.

How to pay BBMP Property tax Online Payment 2022 and Check Status.

  • Fistly, Visit the official website of BBMP@Https://
  • Now,Enter the Property Application Number, The sas number in it. And Fetch it.
  • You will get all the details about the Property Owner. And click on Proceed. While doing this you will go directly to other form. In this form you can Edit your personal information regarding to you.
  • After Compliting it.,you will enter into the 5th Form and you will able to pay your tax payment in installment or Challan or online.
  • Slecting the online payment option, it will show some Options to pay with debit or Credit. After selecting the mode for payment and paying it. You will get a receipt. you can print it if you wanted.

Calucalating BBMP Property Tax.

There are three types of Value system. Annual Rental Value System, Capital value system, Unitt Area system.

ARV Or Annual Rental value System

ARV is a type system in which levied on the basis of estimation value and Rent is fixed by municipal authorities.

CVS Or Capital Value System

In this System the property tax is Calculated As the Some % (Percentage) to the market demand properties.. All this is Is Controlled by the state government of karnataka.

UNA Or Unit Area System

This is type of system in which the People who are living in a unit Area they need to pay to the BBMP Or local Authorities.

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Property Payment tax Forms

BBMP Property
Tax Forms
Form-lIt has, to be used when property owner has his identification number, This form is Consists of Street Number, Ward Number etc….,
Form-llIt is applicable at the time when owner lost his id number. And hod katha number. It is used to Identify parties location
Form-lllUsed when, owner lost ID number and katha number.
Form-lVThis form is used to confirm that the party Doesn’t have any Correction in property details. It is white form
Form-VIt is a blue form, In which to Edit the Details of Property. Ex:- A new floor has been constructed.
Form-Vlthis form is used when Propert tax is exemption

Properties which are Eligible for the BBMP’s

  • Living Houses in Bangalore
  • Buildings which are Constructed.
  • Godowns.
  • Shops.
  • Flats.

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