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In pune all the property taxes are collected by the PMC. This tax is used for the development, Maintanenece and Repairing of the public properties. Such as Hospitals and Educational institutions. In this article you are able to know about Pune Property tax Pay

The second largest income source to pune is Property tax. The Municipal Management of Pune has made easy in filling the public problems with appropriate solutions as well as introducing e-governance to the public. PMC trying to invent new solutions to the janta’s difficulties.

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In this article I will give you brief information about the Pune municipal Corporation property tax pay. Pune Municipal Corporation uses this revenue to maintain, repair and rebuilt the public properties such as parks, government schools and Hospitals etc. Every land holder in the pune must and should pay this property tax once in a year. Additional charges are applied when you cross the given date.

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PCMC Property tax Pay Online 2023

PCMC stands for Pimpri chinchwad Municipal Corporation. This is the system which collects tax from the property owners but not only in collecting but also maintaining, repairing and building the Public properties such as educational institutions, hospitals, bridges, drainages etc.

PCMC is like other municipal Corporations which look after all the needs of Pune people.

How To Pay PCMC Tax Online

  • firstly, visit the official website@
  • click on “online service ” Which shows on menu bar.
  • afterthat you will be redirected to another page. In that page you need to fill Property type, Section Type etc.
  • Now, you have to fill the Property owner details like as ward, zone, , address, previous owner and current owner.
  • Then, you need to add the due details. Click on pay now button
  • After that you will be able to pay your bill with credit or debit card
  • Reciept will be given to you. After Completing the stop.

overview of Pune Property Tax

CorporationZoneCategoryResidential RateNon-Residential Rate

How To Calculate Tax In Pune

Calculating property tax in pune is depend upon location, zone. From a assessed value of property can be countable. Below formula is used to calculate one’s property tax.

Photo of PMC calculation

Property tax = Capital value × Rate of tax ( Capital value = Base value × built up area × use category × type of building × age factor × floor factor

Highlights Of PCMC Property Tax

Property tax in pune must be paid before 30th june and 2% penalty will be added to the non tax payer on time. 5% rebate will be given to the payer who pays more then 25,000. If a person has 18 years or above 18 years he is able to pay this tax . Only residents of pune can pay this tax.

If a person own a land in pune, he Complesory he must have to pay this tax.

Discounts you will get if you pay Property tax

  • A 10% rebate on the annual tax amount for paying the full amount before May 31 of every year.
  • A 40% concession on the annual tax amount for self-occupied residential properties, subject to certain conditions and application.
  • A concession ranging from 5% to 15% on the annual tax amount for installing solar water heating systems, rainwater harvesting systems or vermicompost projects in the property, subject to certain conditions and application.
  • A concession ranging from 50% to 100% on the annual tax amount for freedom fighters, ex-servicemen, gallantry award winners and their widows, subject to certain conditions and application.

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