GST application Status Track with ARN Online Check Verification, Approved or not

Tracking of GST number can be done by using ARN number. Because of limitations set by government tax is always a burden to citizens and not only are these three different taxes for different states. In this article you can know how to track GST using ARN number.

What is GST ARN:

ARN stands for application reference number that is generated after submission of application and this number is used to track application and this number is used until application is finished, and after completion of application process this can be used for future purpose.

Steps to tracking GST Registration with ARN:

By using following steps one can easily fill application

Visit official portal

Using log in and pass word one can login to portal and check services button which is present in registration section.

After that track application form by filing your details and enter captcha and submit it and its shows track of application form.

Types present in tracking:

There are various stages present in application form and they are as follows

Provisional status: In this application should be filled and process takes place.

Verification pending:  in this your application is submitted and verification of documents had not been completed.

Error and validation: in this your details of your PAN number is not corrected.

Approved: in this GST will be approved

Rejected/application: in this application got cancelled due to some technical reasons.


ARN number can reduce your time by just filling number of ARN and one can download GST certificate by using these details and these can be download in PDF format

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