GST Registration Certificate Download Process & Info

GST stands for Goods and Service Tax and it can be downloaded from the official GST this we can tell you how to download the GST in India. After completing all the procedures filling the application with your details one can easily downloaded it the registration certificate. It will contain the user name and password from which you can login in to the GST portal.

Open the portal by clicking the link

After that fill the details with your user name and password and login in to the portal

Click on the services tab and after that click again the services tab which will show you the registration details

From that one can easily down loaded the GST certificate.

Details present in the GST certificate:

It contain a 15-digit registration number containing PAN card number, state details

In the first one can find the legal name of the person and next row with the trade name

It also contain valid period and type of tax payer and at the end it will contain a digital signature of the tax payer.


In case you have fail to pay the GST bill you have to pay the penalty of 10% and minimum of 10000.


It was introduced by one motive that is one tax and one nation. When you downloaded the GST in PDF format it will ask you your user name and password. It is unified indirect tax applicable across the nation with the minimum threshold value of 40 lakhs.

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