HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip 2024 Online Check Status

The HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip is an very essential document which is issued for the need for government employees in the state of Jharkhand, India. It is used to provides a detailed account informy of an employee’s monthly earnings, deductions and net pay. The salary slip is accessible through the Manav Sampada portal, which is a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) designed to manage employee data efficientl and maintainingvthis data safly and securely without having any hacking. This system simplifies various HR related processes including payroll management, recruitment, benefits administration and attendance tracking. Employees can easily download their monthly salary slips by logging into the portal using their login credentials.

HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip 

To further enhance transparency and convenience, the Jharkhand government has also established the Employee Portal. This portal allows employees to manage their personal details, apply for services like GPF advance, and view their pay slips online. The portal is part of the government’s initiative to digitize services and make financial information readily available to its employees. With features like online GPF/CPF contribution reports and retirement-related information, the portal serves as a one-stop solution for employees to access their financial data and service history.

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The Overview Of The HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip

The Jammu and Kashmir Human Resource Management Program (JKHRMs) shall be implemented by the Federal Government in the Central Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It aims to provide a unified platform for a variety of management-related services, such as tracking, posting and promoting usage data.

The HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip Portal acts as a central point where customers can access their payroll, regular pensions, payment information, SLI subscriptions, and other information along with provision of service data Besides, it is easy to they will have access to various professional services such as Professional Performance Monitoring and Property Recovery Scheme (PRS). Lya: It will be possible to make purposeful JK HRMS to integrate Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) data with basic data, basic recruitment, membership, qualifications, contacts, postings, promotion data, etc. for every employee in J&K UT . . . .

SystemJammu & Kashmir Human Resource Management System (JKHRMS)
Departments Registered38
DDOs Registered6,721
Employees Registered370,933
Login RequiredYes, employees need to login to access their salary slip
RegistrationNew employees can register by entering their CPIS ID, mobile number, and date of birth
Salary Slip AccessAfter logging in, employees can navigate to the Salary Slip section to view and download their salary slip
Helpdesk ContactEmail: cpis-jk[AT]nic[DOT]in; Phone: 0191-2520582 / 0191-2571800

This table provides a concise overview of the HRMS JK portal where employees can access their salary slips and other related services. For detailed steps and assistance, employees should refer to the official HRMS JK website or contact the helpdesk.

Features of the scheme of HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip

The JK HRMS Portal is an online system for managing human resources in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Employee Self-Service: Employees can access their own information and make requests.
  • Attendance Tracking: The system keeps track of when employees come to work and when they leave.
  • Leave Management: Employees can apply for leave, and managers can approve or deny it.
  • Payroll Processing: The portal calculates salaries and wages for employees.
  • Personal Information Management: Employees can update their personal details like address and contact information.
  • Service Book: Employees’ work history and service records are maintained in the portal.
  • Grievance Redressal: Employees can report problems and receive help.
  • Training Modules: There are sections for employee training and development.

These features help make HR tasks easier and more organized for both employees and the administration.

Process To registration steps for the HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip Portal in

registration steps for the JK HRMS Portal in

  1. Navigate to the JK HRMS Portal’s official website:
  2. Access the homepage that appears upon loading the site.
  3. Locate and click on the ‘Employee Registration’ tab.
  4. Wait for the registration form to display on your screen.
  5. Fill in all mandatory fields, such as your Email ID and Mobile Number.
  6. Attach any necessary documents as part of the registration.
  7. Review all entered details for accuracy.
  8. Submit the form by clicking the ‘submit’ button.
  9. Check for a confirmation SMS or Email, signaling successful registration.
  10. Ensure you have access to the registered mobile number and email ID for future communications.

Remember to keep your login credentials secure after registering.

How to login to the official website HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip

  1. Navigate to the official portal at
  2. View the homepage once it loads.
  3. Select the Login button present on the page.
  4. Wait for the login page to display.
  5. Input your Username and Password in the respective fields.
  6. Type the captcha code shown on the screen.
  7. Press the login button to proceed.
  8. Check your registered email for an OTP sent by the system.
  9. Enter the OTP in the provided space for verification.
  10. Access your account upon successful OTP verification.

HRMS Jharkhand Salary Slip Calculator

  1. Cost to Company (CTC): This is the total amount your employer spends on you, including your salary and other benefits.
  2. Basic Salary: This is the core part of your salary, usually about 40% to 50% of your CTC. It’s based on your experience and skills.
  3. House Rent Allowance (HRA): Money given to you if you’re renting a house. It can be tax-free under certain conditions.
  4. Leave Travel Allowance (LTA): Money for your travel expenses. You need to show travel proof to claim it.
  5. Professional Tax: A small tax that your state government may charge.
  6. Provident Fund (PF): A savings fund where both you and your employer contribute a part of your salary every month.
  7. Bonus: Extra money you might get for good performance.

To use a salary calculator, you enter your CTC, any bonus, and deductions like PF and professional tax. The calculator then tells you your take-home pay, which is the money you get after all deductions.

For example, if your CTC is ₹5 lakh and you get a bonus of ₹50,000, your gross salary would be ₹4,50,000. From this, deductions like professional tax are subtracted to give you your take-home salary.


Certainly! Here are some FAQs on HRMS (Human Resource Management System) salary slips in simple English:

1. What is an HRMS salary slip?
An HRMS salary slip is a document that shows your earnings and deductions for a particular month. It’s given to you by your employer through the HRMS system.

2. How can I view my HRMS salary slip?
To view your salary slip, you usually need to log in to your company’s HRMS portal. Once logged in, you can find the option to view or download your salary slip.

3. What kind of information is on a salary slip?
A salary slip includes details like your gross salary, any deductions (like taxes, insurance, or retirement contributions), and your net salary, which is what you take home after deductions.

4. Why do I need my salary slip?
Your salary slip is important for many reasons. It can be used as proof of income for loans or visas, for tax filing, or to check for any errors in your pay.

5. Can I get a salary slip if I’m a new employee?
Yes, once you’re registered in the HRMS system and have completed a month of work, you should be able to access your salary slip.

6. What should I do if there’s a mistake on my salary slip?
If you notice any errors, you should report them to your HR department or manager as soon as possible so they can be corrected.

7. Is the HRMS salary slip confidential?
Yes, your salary slip is confidential and should only be accessed by you and authorized personnel in your company

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