TDP Super Six Scheme 2024 : free Bus & free three cylinders

TDP Super Six Scheme is a scheme like navaratnalu of Previous government of Jagan Mohan Reddy, Hence this super six scheme is containing of the six schemes Thalliki vandanam,free three cylinders every year for domestic purposes, free Bus facilities for women ₹1,500 will be given to the every women who is between an age of 19 to 50. There more to known.

TDP Super Six

The present government of Andhra Pradesh has declared that it will implement all these scheme after the oath of Tdp leader Nara Chandrababu naidu on 9th june,therefore there are so many expectations of the ap people on the tdp’s government. Meanwhile there are so many schemes are there in the manifesto of tdp. I will tell you what’s are the benefits scheme and main one for the development of the state.

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TDP Super Six Scheme Thalliki Vandanam

This is a scheme where it is a replica of the previous government scheme of Jagan Mohan Reddy, therefore under this scheme the beneficiary is going to get the amount of ₹15,000 in his /her mothers directly without any mediator between them.

The speciality of this scheme is that every child in the faauncmily who is going for study in the school or class 11th and 12th which means intermediate are eligible for the Thalliki vandanam scheme.

Free Bus scheme for girls

Free Bus Scheme is a scheme in which the girls who are born female can travel anywhere they want in the state but you should notice that for traveling in this free Bus aadhar card is mandatory, other state ladies are not going to get benefitted with this scheme.

This scheme is already implemented In the states of Karnataka and Telangana, This scheme has very successful for the elections of the parties.

Overview of the scheme

Scheme TDP Super Six
Launched 30th April 2024
By whomnara Chandra babu
PartyTelugu Desam Party

Three free cylinders scheme under super six scheme

we all know that now a days due to Inflation rate the costs of cylinders has gone upto 1100, noticing this problem the tdp party has decide to give three free cylinders for the women every year. Meanwhile they are able to buy the cylinder at ₹500, the costs of the cylinder is gone cheap. Moreover you are going to know how you can get the cashback.

You should notice that under this scheme , if you have used all 3 chances of availability of cylinders then there will be a need to buy cylinder then you have to buy it for ₹900 or ₹1000 at the Service centres and then you can get transferred the amount of ₹400 to your bank account like that you can buy the cylinder in ₹500.

₹1500 scheme for the girls

This is the scheme where the girls can get easily ₹1500 under this scheme, but there is a age limit the women who is between 19 to 59 is eligible for the scheme, there fore we have to wait for the implementation of the scheme. Weather we have to apply or it or not

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