Ap:- Voter List Check 2022: Apply New Voter ID & New Electrol Roll PDF

This article consists of all the details about the Andhra Pradesh Voter List and new enroll and electrol roll in PDF format. Download the Voter list online. search your name in new electroll roll pdf format. Voter ID Apply online, Epic Number search voter id

Voting is the basic responsiility for a citizen of this country. one should enroll his name in voter list i.e electrol roll. election comission coming up with a good ideas for voting, like in 2020 Election commission has released new voter list, to check this list there is no required documents needed. The Motive of the state government Ap is to reduce the visiting of public to government offices, from the official websites one can easily check his voter list from the sites.

There are 8.5 lakhs of poling booths aruond the country. Election commission is responsible to conduct elections all around the country, For voting purpose Electronic Voting machines ( EVM ) has implemented in 1982 in kerala state. Postal votings are used with ballet papers, First election was held in the year 1959 for to end this election it took 4-6 months all over the india. Symbols are introduced to the people because literacy rate is low at that time, because educated persons are rare. election commission was established in the year1950. Election commission is improving thoughts day by day to give a best voting system.

How To Apply Voter ID Online


Step 1: first of all visit the official website of election commission of india@https://eci.gov.in

Step 2: Click on the REGISTERATION option. NOTE : YOU NEED TO FILL FORM NO 6 TO APPLY FOR VOTER ID Step 3: After that fill the required details like

  • Name
  • Father Name
  • District etc

Step 4: Attach the required documents and upload in the official site Step 5: Now you have to click on Submit button

How To Check Your Name In Voter List

You need to follow given instructions carefully to check your name on voter list

Step 1: Visit the official website of election commission @https://eci.gov.in Step 2: On going down you are able to notice SEARCH NAME IN VOTER LIST click it Step 3: A new page will open, You have to fill the given required details

  • Search BY Details LIke
    • Name
    • Father/ Husband’s Name
    • Age
    • Date Of Birth
    • Gender
    • State
    • District
    • Assembly Constituency
  • Finally enter the captcha code

Step 4: Your list will be on screen

How To Check Your Name In Voter List By Epic Number

Step 1: First of all visit official website of election commission of india @https://eci.gov.in

Step 2: On going down you will notice like SEARCH NAME IN VOTER LIST click it Step 3: A new home page will open infront of you two Options avaialable

  • Search By Details
  • Epic Number

Step 4: Click on EPIC NO information desk will be provided

  • Add details like
    • Epic no
    • State
    • Enter the captcha code

Step 5: Your information will be on your screen

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