Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana Online Apply 2024 : Eligibility

Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana is a special program which was started by the government for helping the girls in India. It was made to give money to those families who are having difficult in doing marriage and managing education of a girl. The idea is to make sure girls can go to school and not get married too early, they can do job and have a better life.

Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana

This program is part of a bigger plan called Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, which means “Save the Daughter, Educate the Daughter.” In this article you are going to know about the Mukhyamantri sukhanya yojana, how you are able to see the application process for the yojana. Please follow the all the instructions in sukhanya yojana.

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Overview of the Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana

Here’s how it works: Parents or guardians can start saving money in a special account for their girl child before she turns ten years old. They can put in a small amount of money every year, and the government will also add some money to it. The account will earn interest, which means the money will grow over time.

When the girl is older, she can use this money for her studies or when she gets married. The program also gives tax benefits, which means the money saved and the interest earned won’t be taxed. This is a good way for families to plan for their daughters’ future and make sure they have the support they need when they grow up.

Scheme NameMukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana
Launch DateJanuary 22, 2015
Managing AuthorityMinistry of Finance
PurposeSavings scheme for girls’ future education and marriage expenses
Maximum Investment Per Year₹1,50,000
Maturity Period21 years
Interest Rate (2024-2025)8.20% annually, compounded yearly
Tax BenefitsTax benefits under section 80C
Total Accounts Opened Since InceptionApproximately 2.73 crore
Total Deposits Since InceptionNearly ₹1.19 lakh crore
Account OperationManaged by parents until the girl turns 10, then by the girl at 18
Minimum Deposit₹250 per year
Account TransferFree transfer across India with proof of residence change; ₹100 fee without proof
Withdrawal for Higher EducationPermitted
Premature Closure for MarriageAllowed after 18 years
EligibilityGuardian/parent can open an account for a girl child under 10
Maximum Accounts Per ChildOne account per child, exceptions for twins or triplets with supporting documentation
Documents RequiredBirth certificate of the girl child, photo ID and address proof of the parent/guardian, additional KYC proofs, SSY account opening form, medical certificate
Overview of Sukhanya yojana

The Main Motive Of The Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana

In 2019, the former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Shri Raghuvar Das initiated the Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana. However on August 24, 2022, the Cabinet approved a proposal to change the scheme’s name. It was renamed the Savitribai Phule Kishori Samridhi Yojana.

Under this scheme a girl child receives financial assistance at various stages of her education. She gets Rs 2500 upon enrollment in class 8 and 9 Rs 5000 upon enrollment in class 10 and 11 and Rs 5000 upon enrollment in class 12. Additionally, when the girl turns 18-19, she receives a lump sum grant of Rs 20,000.

The Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana aims to prevent child marriage in Jharkhand and boost the education rate among girls. Through this initiative Jharkhand aims to become a more educated and developed state in the country.

The Benefits and Features Of Mukhaymantri Sukhanya Yojana

The Jharkhand Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana 2024 is a government program designed to support the education and welfare of girls. Here are the benefits and features of the scheme:


  • Financial aid is provided at different stages of a girl’s life, from birth to adulthood.
  • The scheme aims to prevent negative societal attitudes towards the birth of daughters, female feticide, and child marriage.
  • It promotes girls’ education and aims to improve the sex ratio.

Financial Assistance:

  • ₹5,000 for girls from birth to two years old.
  • ₹5,000 when a girl enrolls in class 1.
  • ₹5,000 after passing class 5.
  • ₹5,000 after passing class 8.
  • ₹5,000 after passing class 10.
  • ₹5,000 after passing class 12.
  • ₹10,000 for young women aged 18-20 years.


  • The scheme covers girls from economically weaker sections.
  • Benefits are transferred directly to the beneficiaries through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
  • A total of 36.57 lakh beneficiaries are covered under the scheme.

How To Apply For The Sukhanya Yojana

To apply for the Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana in Jharkhand for the year 2024, you can follow these steps:

  • Gather Required Documents: Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready. This includes the girl’s birth certificate, Aadhaar card, the parent’s or guardian’s Aadhaar card, a family income certificate, and a bank account passbook.
  • Visit the Local Office: Go to the office of the Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) in your area.
  • Fill Out the Application Form: Obtain the application form from the CDPO office. Fill in all the required details accurately.
  • Attach Documents: Attach self-attested photocopies of the required documents with the application form.
  • Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form along with the attached documents at the CDPO office.
  • Acknowledgment Receipt: After submission, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt. Keep it safe for future reference.
  • Verification Process: The authorities will verify the details and documents submitted.
  • Approval and Disbursement: Once verified and approved, the financial assistance will be directly transferred to the bank account provided through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).

Important Links

Official Website Of The Yojana- Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mukhyamantri Sukanya Yojana?

It’s a government scheme to help girls in Jharkhand. It gives money to support their education and stop child marriages.

Who can apply for this scheme?
Families with girls who are born in Jharkhand and belong to economically weaker sections can apply.

How do I apply?

You need to fill out a form and give it to the Child Development Project Officer’s office with some documents like birth certificate, Aadhaar card, and bank details¹.

When should I apply?

Apply as soon as possible after your daughter is born, or when she reaches the age for the next payment.

Can I apply online?

Yes, there might be an option to apply online. Check the official website for updates².

What if I have more questions?

You can ask more questions at the Child Development Project Officer’s office in your area.

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