Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme Online Apply 2024 : Eligibility

The Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme is a pioneering and a great initiative which was implemented by the Tamil Nadu state government, This scheme was introduced in the 2024-25 state budget of the TN. It aims to empowering those students who have studied and studying in the present, in government schools from classes 6 to 12 by providing them with financial assistance for higher education.

Tamil Pudhalvan

Under this scheme, eligible male students are able to receive ₹1,000 per month. the money directly transferred into their bank accounts. This financial support is designed in that way the can help to get cover the costs of educational materials such as textbooks, general knowledge books, and magazines, In this way the government decided to improve quality education

Overview of The Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme

Approximately three lakh college students are expected to benefit from this scheme in its initial phase. The government has decided a budget of ₹360 crores for the successful implementation of the Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme Because it is the first phase of the Scheme. This substantial investment underscores the government’s commitment to nurturing the youth of the state, who are seen as the pillars of the nation’s future. The scheme is not only a financial aid but also a morale booster for students, encouraging them to pursue higher education without the burden of financial constraints.

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Scheme NameTamil Pudhalvan Scheme
Launched ByTamil Nadu Government
Launch DateAnnounced in the 2024-25 TN Budget
BeneficiariesMale students who have studied in government schools from classes 6 to 12
Financial Aid₹1,000 per month directly into bank accounts
PurposeTo assist with the costs of educational materials and encourage higher education
EligibilityCitizenship in Tamil Nadu, enrollment in government school, male students in specified grades
Application ProcessOnline through the official scheme website
Budget Allocation₹360 crores for the initial phase
Expected BeneficiariesApproximately three lakh college students in the initial phase
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Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme Online Apply

Follow the below steps carefully to apply for the Scheme, Meanwhile e carefully whille uploading you documents

  • Start by going to the official website dedicated to the Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme.
  • Once the website loads, locate the homepage for the scheme’s information.
Tamil Pudhalvan login page

NOTE: You Must Login To The Portal , If you wanted to get Apply The Scheme

  • Find and click on the “Apply Online” link provided on the homepage.
  • The application form will open on your screen. Enter all the required information accurately.
  • Include your personal details such as Name, Aadhar Number, Date of Birth, and Address.
  • Provide your educational details, including the class you are studying in and the name of your government school.
  • Upload all the necessary documents that are listed as part of the application process.
  • Before submitting, review all the information you’ve entered for accuracy.
  • Once everything is in order, click on the “Submit” button to complete the application process.
  • After submission, you should receive a confirmation message or email acknowledging your application.

Make sure to check the eligibility criteria and have all the required documents ready before starting the application process to ensure a smooth experience.

Required documents for applying process

  • Passport Size Photograph: A recent color photograph of the applicant, typically used for identification purposes.
  • Aadhaar Card: A unique identification number issued by the Indian government to residents, which serves as proof of identity and address.
  • Qualification Certificate: Documents that verify the educational qualifications of the student, such as mark sheets or report cards.
  • Address Proof: Any official document that confirms the residential address of the applicant, like a utility bill or voter ID.
  • Ration Card: A government-issued document used for purchasing subsidized food grains and fuel, indicating the applicant’s economic status.
  • Income Certificate: An official declaration of the family’s annual income, usually issued by a government authority.
  • Mobile Number: The active telephone number of the applicant, required for communication and verification purposes.
  • Email Id: The personal email address of the applicant, used for receiving official correspondence related to the scheme.
  • Bank Details: Information including the bank name, account number, and IFSC code, necessary for the direct transfer of scheme benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for the applying the Scheme

To be eligible for the Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme 2024, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: The student must be a citizen of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Gender: The scheme is open to male students only.
  3. School Enrollment: The student must be enrolled in a government school within Tamil Nadu.
  4. Grade Level: The scheme is designed for students studying in classes 6th to 12th.
  5. Documentation: Applicants must have all the necessary documents ready, such as Aadhar Card, school ID, etc.

These criteria aim to ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach the intended recipients, supporting their educational journey. Remember to have all your documents prepared and check the official website for any updates or additional requirements.

What are the features and benefits

The Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme 2024 offers several features and benefits designed in that way that to give more support the educational aspirations of male students in Tamil Nadu. Here are some of the key pointse xplained


  • Monthly Stipend: Eligible students will receive a monthly payment of ₹1,000.
  • Target Group: The scheme specifically targets male students from 6th to 12th grade who are studying in government schools.
  • Online Application: Students or their guardians can apply for the scheme through an online portal, which makes the process accessible and convenient.


  • Financial Support for Education: The financial aid helps cover the costs of educational materials, such as textbooks and general knowledge books.
  • Encouragement for Higher Education: By providing monetary assistance, the scheme encourages students to continue their education beyond high school.
  • Ease of Financial Burden: The scheme aims to relieve the financial stress on families when it comes to their children’s education³.

Overall, the Tamil Pudhalvan Scheme 2024 is designed to be a supportive measure for young male students, ensuring they have the resources needed to pursue their educational goals without financial hindrance.

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1. What is it?

A scheme to financially assist male students in Tamil Nadu.

2. Who benefits?

Male students from 6th to 12th grade in government schools.

3. How much is the aid?

₹1,000 per month directly to the student’s bank account.

4. When was it announced?

In the Tamil Nadu Budget 2024-25.

5. How to apply?

Through the official scheme website, when launched.

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