The Greater Chennai Corporation Property Tax Pay 2022

The Greater Chennai Corporation has Fixed a reasonable letting value resembles Annual rental value to the Property holders in the Chennai. GCC has fixed a value per sq.feet. Corporation has fixed Rs 0.60 – Rs 2.40 Per sq .feet to Residential Properties and Rs.4 – Rs.12 per sq. Feet for Non Residential Properties.

The final date to pay the tax to Corporation is 30th September. 2% Penalty will be added if the due is not paid on time.

Municipal Corporation Of Chennai

Chennai municipal Corporation has launched in the year 1998.Madras court slammed GCC for not collecting Property tax for every year from the year 1998. Estimating 1500 crore rupees that lost by the Government because of not collecting dues.

GCC officer’s are Trying very hard to increase Tax to 150 crore every year.

GCC Property tax Exemption

  • Buildings which are Older than 4 years are reduced 1% in the Due.
  • Owner of a portion in the Building can get 10% Rebate in the tax
  • Residential building Owner Can get 25% refund
  • Semi-Permanent Buildings Can get 25% rebate

GCC Property Tax Rates

Annual Rental valueTax Percentage
Above Rs. 50009.00%
Table of Tax Percentage

How to Pay GCC Property Tax Online

  • Visit, GCC Official website@
  • You will find Property tax option under the Online Payment.
  • It will redirected to next page. Now click on Property tax online payment.
  • Enter, the details which are found on the bill and submit it.
  • After submitting it, You will able to see the due to pay.
  • Choose the Method to pay and You will receive a message that you have paid your due.

How to Calculate Chennai Property Tax Online

  • Monthly Rental Value = Basic Rate ×Plinth Area per Sq.feet
  • Annual Rental Value = Monthly Rental value×12-10% for the land.
  • For Reduction and Maintenance 10% Reduction will be used.

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